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Oath to existence
Born of flesh.
Born of blood.
Born of the fire that dwells in the abyss.
Born of pain and sorrow.
Born of thunder and lighting.
Born of wind and rain.
Born of the sea and the earth under our feet.
Born of the energy in the stars of the Cosmos.
May this blood of mine,both accursed and blessed prove strong to withstand the chaos.
May this battered body of mine anchor its roots of justice and reason to control the madness welling within.
May this mind find the comfort of truth to shine through the fog of confusion.
But above all,may this spirit know the way to guide itself through the storms and thundering clouds that creep on the horizon.
Because this blood,this body,this mind,this spirit is that of a warrior.
Created for the battles of not only the mind but of body and spirit.
To eradicate the voice of injustice.
To trample thy of vile will.
To suffocate the life of irrationality.
To terminate the seed of discord.
The battle is that of eons,but we all have a part in it. Whether you side
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Saying goodbye to your memory one last time.
Cleansing my mind from your image,casting it into oblivion at last.
Let the winds take you away,let them siphon this pain away.
Like rotten roots I trim every inch of you from my being.
No trace will remain,not even a harsh debate or insulting word.
To be rid of the will to believe in the petty sentiments.
Claiming freedom to gain previously obstructed content.
This one last time my soul will twist in distress,before every bridge is burnt with no point of return.
Flee from the void created by your carelessness,let it once more be an abyss of only me and none else.
For it is far better to remain with a known pain,than to experience it anew ,the wretched agony of having loved you.
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Mature content
Chamber Recoil :iconaesiravenger:AesirAvenger 0 0
I feel it.
Desperately trying to keep it at bay,wanting to shut it away within the depths of my being.
It's clawing,knocking,screaming at the door to be let out.
Like a rabid beast,scratching the walls and shattering glass.
It wants to be out,it wants to be free once more. To roam among the rest disguised as me.
Awaiting that moment where I falter,when my will fades but by a small gap.
I know it,this feeling.
It has its claws tightly wound around my throat,squeezing every drop of reason out of my psyche.
I've tried to subdue it with a smile,a chuckle,a fake set of thought that all will be alright.
But it is gaining territory,ever so subtly that it is making its way out. Crawling beneath the skin,raising every hair. Lashing its tongue over my spine like lighting. Rattling my skull and chest like a typhoon.
I feel it.
Lusting for freedom,needing that particular release that comes through inflicting harm.
It wants the life source,to fluidly let it drip.
I feel it,so very near.
Slowly blan
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If I admitted to myself that it pains me greatly not spending time with you,then I might as well say that I have lost the battle against myself to deny the soul within what it wants but is afraid to ask for.
Not sure if this is what is right,don't even know if this is what should be done but trust me it hurts to know that the only sanity I feel in this world is when I'm with you.
It might seem pathetic,even stupid that one single person can be such a strong influence though I must confess it feels a bit silly when my thoughts wander into the topic of you.
Perhaps I'll go insane while you are absent,darling don't want to sound like a stalker but you truly make my days a lot brighter even if there is no hint of it in my words.
I had a few days to think,of how much it affects me and all I can say is that this sickness is turning worse because my being misses you so much.It doesn't want to know anything,hear anything nor even speak anything.Sweetheart this is killing me slowly,so cliche bu
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A lover's scorn
A lover's scorn
I hate the way you smell
I hate they way your voice sounds
I hate how you speak to me
So superior,so full of shit
I hate the way your face twists with cruel intentions
I hate your strut
I hate you...everything that is you
Everything that you will become
I you are changing
I know what will become of you..what will become of me once your transformation is full
Don't try to talk as if I'm blind,I know what you think of you look at me
You despise me..but I hate you more than words can express
Your snake like tongue,speaking nothing but poison
Your wretched flesh,sinful and oh so desirable yet so impossible to survive its touch
You are truly poison..but how i love...hate you
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The Contract
The Contract
I take what I can,I take what I seek.
I gain effortlessly what I follow,I break willingly what I obtain.
I bow to the instincts,I surrender to the urges.
I lust for the putrid,I relish the maimed.
I want the forsaken,I take the forbidden.
I challenge the sane,I trample the logic.
I function on primal waves,I hunt for a hunger of beasts.
I kill the weak,I feast on the fearful.
I summon despair,I evoke dread.
I twist the innocent,I claim the pure.
I poison the beautiful,I take the deformed.
I toy with the brave,I encourage the demented.
Nein,I see nightmares and horror in your eyes.
Nein,I take flesh and blood as my price.
Nein,I will not bow down to serve but call upon me to exact your revenge.
So make sure when you sign that contract,you mean it,because there is no turning back when this fiend goes on a hunt.
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Wrath is an emotion I rather avoid at all costs.
Wrath is the downfall of my gift.
Wrath is the death of my remaining humanity.
Wrath is the poison of my mind.
Wrath is the cloud in my eyes.
Wrath is the will behind my fists.
Wrath is the voice of my screams like a beast enraged.
Wrath is the force beneath my feet.
Wrath is the ache of my soul.
Wrath,I rather not will it within.
Wrath,I rather not listen to its words.
Wrath,I rather not obey its commands.
Wrath,I rather not speak when it seeps into my chords.
Wrath,I rather not use it as my purpose.
Wrath,I rather not see through its eyes.
Wrath is the reason I simply silence myself.
Wrath is the reason I control myself.
Wrath is the reason I wish it all to end.
Wrath is the reason I thought it was different.
Wrath is the reason I don't want to walk just yet.
Wrath is the reason I am patient for as long as I can.
Wrath is the thing that in end makes me leave all to their demise.
Wrath is the thing that lets me see behind the lies
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Favourite genre of music: Metal/Industrial/EBM in all its variations.
Favourite style of art: Most of them are something to behold,regardless of the style.
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Favourite cartoon character: Vicious,Spike,Van,Claire,Tsume..
Personal Quote: "Mess with the rabid dog;get your head ripped off with a bite."
Sometimes it is easy to forget that even the heartless,cold stoic people at some point develop a sense of emotion for others when given the right circumstance.

And even then it seems to be of no consequence,not even a worthy feat to cross that void between the walls of the soul that lay dormant beneath the surface.

Just be real,be truthful and finally tell what's actually going on. It would be much easier to mend the walls and refill the void with poison just if you are truthful. Have I not deserved at least that much dignity?


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